Cheshire K9 Training – Terms and Conditions

By attending our training sessions you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, of Cheshire K9 Training.

Our trainers and venues

All training sessions will be conducted by a CheshireK9 Training instructor.

It is not permitted at any time to train at one of the Cheshire K9 Training venues outside of designated training classes.

Payment of Fees

All classes must be prepaid. No admittance will be allowed unless the course fee has been paid in full via our online direct debit system.

Our trainers reserve the right to request you leave if your fees are not paid and up to date.

Class cancellations and refunds

We  will not refund any weeks or training sessions that you missed for any reason other than a fault of our own (such as unexpected closure of the training venues or your trainer is sick and cannot attend and a substitute trainer cannot be sourced).

There will be no refund for cancellations due to bitches in season/heat.

Where cancellation is deemed necessary by Cheshire K9 Training, a credit to your account, for your subsequent direct debit.

Handler responsibility

It is the handlers responsibility to have appropriate footwear and clothing for the discipline they are undertaking.

It will be the owners’ responsibility to ensure that you do not put yourself or the dog at risk whilst doing the training, using the equipment or facilities. Cheshire K9 Training,  takes all reasonable precautions within the structure of our classes and on our premises to avoid injury whilst training. However, Cheshire K9 Training accepts no responsibility for damage or injury while on our premises.

You must clean up any ‘accidents’ (poo, wee, vomit) produced by your dog and take the poo bags home where they can be disposed of in your wheelie bin or other council provided facilities. Poo bags must NOT be left at the training venue.


The following items are NOT PERMITTED in Cheshire K9 Training Classes under any circumstances:

Choker chains and / or Check chains of any description;

Shock collars including citronella;

Shock devices or any other device that causes discomfort, pain or fear to the dog;

Prong or pinch collars; Any equipment that the trainer deems unacceptable.

Harsh handling will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

Abusive behaviour towards instructors or other Cheshire K9 Training members will not be tolerated.

Communication from Cheshire K9 Training

All our communications are done through Facebook private groups. It is the handlers’ responsibility to check these regularly for any class alterations.

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